How does it work?


Choose the program & your supervisor

Choose an online course that corresponds to the issues you are currently struggling with, select a supervisor and send us a contact request.


Start the training program

As soon as you have an appointment with a supervisor, you will receive the login data for the training program at the first virtual supervisor-meeting.


You set the pace

You decide how much time you take per course unit and how you communicate with your supervisor about your progress. Each program includes between six and eight sessions and your supervisor is available to support you via chat or video conference.

What are you dealing with right now?

Stress & burnout
Depressive episodes
Chronic pain
Stress & burnout with HelloBetter & WePractice

If you are dependent on medication related to a mental illness or have already been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, it is advisable to discuss your situation with a general practitioner before you register.



How much does the online course cost?

You have been selected to participate in a pilot, therefore 100% of the cost of participation is covered by WePractice.

Who is WePractice?

WePractice is a modern mental health community of practices with a focus on non-medical psychotherapy. Our aim is to provide the best possible support for everyone. With offers such as these, we hope to meet the high demand in the population and expand access to mental health.

Who is HelloBetter?

HelloBetter is one of the leading providers of digital therapeutics in the field of mental health. The company was founded in 2015 based on many years of university research. The company's goal is to provide effective and immediate support to people with mental health problems, regardless of time and place.

How effective are HelloBetter's online courses?

All courses have been developed and evaluated in research projects. For each specific online course, proof of effectiveness has been provided on the basis of randomized controlled trials. The medical benefit can be measured by significant improvement in symptoms.